Criminal Law

If you’ve been arrested, facing county jail or federal prison, a criminal indictment or are the potential suspect of a criminal investigation.  We handle all felony and misdemeanor charges. Our firm handles crimes such as DUI, DUI Manslaughter, DUI Serious Bodily Injury, all drug crimes, including, Trafficking, Sale, Purchase , we also handle violent crimes such as Murder, Battery, Assault, Weapons Charges, all sex crimes such as Rape, Lewd & Lascivious, Indecent Exposure, all theft crimes such as Burglary, Grand Theft, Home Invasion, Carjacking, Fraud, all juvenile offenses, white collar crimes, traffic offenses and probation violations.

Family Law

•Divorce and Matrimonial Law

• Spousal Support, Child Support and Custody

•Contested and Uncontested Divorces

•Business Asset Division

•Equitable Distribution


•Orders of Protection

•Juvenile Offenses

•Domestic Violence


Traffic Court Representation includes tickets for Speeding, Over 30 mph Speeding Tickets, Careless and Reckless Driving, Violation of Traffic Control Device(Running a Red Light) with Injury or Death, Violation of Right of Way with Injury or Death, Improper Lane Change, Failure to Yield(Running a Stop Sign), Spectator to Racing on the Highway, Improper Passing, Improper Backing, Open Container, Improper Equipment

Other Criminal Traffic Representation includes:  DUI, Driving Under the Influence, Refusal to Submit to Breath Test, Refusal to Submit to Roadside Exercise or Examination, Refusal to Submit to Blood Breath or Urine, Leaving the Scene of Accident (LSA), Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injury and/or Property Damage, Reckless Driving, Racing on the Highway, Driving While License Revoked from impaired (DWLR) No Operators License(NOL), Expired Driver’s License, Expired Tag, Expired Registration, Tag Not Assigned.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law in North Carolina  encompasses any harmful act, intentional or accidental, for which the law can provide a solution. There are many different types of personal injury, including, applying bodily injury to someone, being destructive to someone's property or character, or wrongly denying someone his or her rights.

Wills and Trust

When you plan your estate, you plan for the transfer of your assets at your death.  In addition, if you are the parent of a minor child, you plan for the custody and support of a child if both parents pass away.  You also plan for the possibility of incapacity – being unable to manage your own business affairs or make your own health care decisions.

Planning your estate may result in some or all of these documents:

◾ Will, with or without testamentary trust

◾ Revocable Trust

◾ Durable Power of Attorney

◾ Health Care Power of Attorney

◾ Advance Directive for a Natural Death (Living Will)

As part of this planning process, you may also designate beneficiaries on your life insurance and your retirement accounts.  Sometimes, transfers of property may be made, for example, between spouses.  No two situations are the same.  That is why advice from an attorney, based upon a thorough understanding of your needs and concerns, is so important.

Sports and Entertainment Law

Legal Representation of all types of entertainment contracts, amateur and pro sports matters including player and coach contracts, sports marketing agreements, endorsement and corporate sponsorship deals, license agreements, production and media agreements and other related matters. Furthermore, providing legal advice with respect to league and team franchise matters, athlete branding and trademark protection, and all aspects of sports related negotiation and deal structuring.

Escrow Agent Services

Experienced in providing neutral third party solutions to secure funds or assets in a variety of transactions. By providing the support needed for professional intermediaries and advisors, brokers, law firms, private equity firms, investment banks, lenders, and financial institutions. The attorney works to simplify and bring speed among transactions as a neutral party. By providing both security and confidentiality, and the goal is to provide quality Escrow services in an efficient and economical manner.